♜ Marketing Communications Playbook

No Tracking Accord

This is a sacred ground, where your consumption is not monitored.

I do believe everyone is entitled to their privacy. Therefore, I decided not to implement any kind of tracking and analytics code on this website. I would rather not quantify you with numbers and don’t want to objectify you as users. I don’t care where you are coming from, nor I'm concerned with which page you land on, I don’t care which post received how many visits.

I just want to share my work and thinking with you.

Although I can’t promise you about the software and tools I use, I promise you from my side I will never utilize any kind of analytics or tracking code on this website.

That also means I will never be able to see how many of you read my work. So, kindly let me know, will you? If you found a tool of mine useful or enjoyed a piece of writing, toot me or shoot me an email.